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 Are you ready to join a growing acupuncture practice led by Moshe Heller LAc, a seasoned practitioner with over 30 years of experience in Chinese medicine and
acupuncture? The Moshen Center is a small but ambitious clinic in New York City, dedicated to expanding its services and making acupuncture more accessible to all. We invite you to become part of our close-knit team and contribute to our mission of holistic

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Room Rentals

Our state-of-the-art facility boasts four meticulously designed treatment rooms, a cozy reception area, and a small break room- providing the perfect environment for your acupuncture practice. Each treatment room comes fully furnished with a heated treatment table, TDP lamp, chair, hooks, and counter, and features dimmable overhead lighting, ensuring a comfortable and serene space for you and your clients. Our goal is to create a warm, inviting, and healing environment that will allow our patients the best possible care and our practitioners to thrive. Ultimately, we want to make acupuncture and alternative healing more accessible to all NYC residents. Standard Rental: 1 year lease - Monthly prices ranging from $690 for 1 room, 1 day a week, to $5,000 for 2 rooms with 24/7 access - Furnished rooms - Bring your own supplies (linens, needles, tools, etc.) All-Included Rental: 1 year lease - Monthly prices ranging from $890 for 1 room, 1 day a week, to $6,500 for 2 rooms with 24/7 access - Furnished rooms - Supplies Included (linens, needles, tools, etc.) - Reception Services: >Welcoming Front Desk: A friendly receptionist to greet your clients and create a warm atmosphere. We have water and tea available for all patients. >Appointment Scheduling: Our dedicated reception team will manage your appointments, ensuring a streamlined and organized schedule. >Client Check-In/Check-Out: Let us handle the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus solely on your clients' well-being. >Phone and Email Communication: Professional handling of client inquiries and communication to provide a seamless experience. - Billing Services: >Self-Pay: Taking payments from patients for services rendered. >Insurance Services: Insurance verifications, consultation services, but no claim submissions/follow up.

Experienced Acupuncturists

Are you an established practitioner looking for a new opportunity to make a significant impact? Join Moshe Heller at the Moshen Center and help shape our growing practice. Bring your specialized skills and experience to enrich our patient care and contribute to our vision. As a senior member of our team, you will have the opportunity to:  - Lead and mentor younger practitioners - Participate in research projects - Contribute to the development of specialized treatment programs

Mid- to Entry-Level Acupuncturist

Begin your career journey with us! As a small clinic, we provide a unique opportunity for mentorship and hands-on experience. Learn directly from Moshe Heller and gain valuable insights into the eld of acupuncture. You will have the chance to:  - Work closely with patients - Develop treatment plans - Renew your acupuncture techniques under expert guidance  ​

Pediatric Acupuncture Fellowship 

Are you passionate about pediatric care? Our fellowship program under Moshe Heller's guidance offers a focused path to specialization! Through this program you will:  - Learn advanced techniques and protocols for treating young patients in a supportive environment. - Gain hands-on experience through clinical rotations and seminars focused on pediatric acupuncture, preparing you for a successful career in this rewarding specialty.

Administrative Staff 

Join our administrative team and play a vital role in our clinic's growth. We have opportunities in insurance billing, patient coordination, marketing, graphic design, event planning, personal assistance, and more. Your skills will help shape our patient experiences and support our mission of accessibility in acupuncture. Collaborate closely with our practitioners to ensure smooth clinic operations and contribute to expanding our reach within the community.

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